It’s been far too long since The Nightwatchman has been out raising his fist and spreading his message of peace, love and tolerance. Due to other projects, Rage and Audioslave guitarist Tom Morello has put his acoustic (and now electric) guitar aside; it’s been three years since the release of The Fabled City. Never fear though, The Nightwatchman has returned with a third studio record called World Wide Rebel Songs due out on August 30th.

The Nightwatchman has never been about flash and excess and Morello stays true to that motto on World Wide Rebel Songs’ first single “It Begins Tonight.” The song is much more aggressive than anything we’ve ever heard from The Nightwatchman with a Rage-esque guitar riff replacing the more typical twangy acoustic guitar. The song is all about its riff which replaces any want or need for a solid chorus; it’s the type of song that makes you feel like raising and bobbing your fist in the air. The vocals get an A for effort, but let’s be honest, The Nightwatchman is and has never been about the vocals and all about the message and the vibe. “It Begins Tonight” is a first-rate reintroduction or reminder of what The Nightwatchman is all about.

Run Time: 2:58
Release Date: July 11, 2011

Check out the song: “It Begins Tonight”