The Skinny: In the style of the Black Keys and the White Stripes comes another two-piece alternative rock duo known as The Great Valley. The twosome is composed of brothers Louis and Nick Matos who grew up in Wilmington, Delaware in a very musically focused family. Their mother was a music teacher while their father was an accomplished drummer who motivated the brothers’ interest in music at a very early age.

The two interested in playing the drums and guitar and soon after began writing music together. After years of practice, the Matos brothers recorded their debut EP Wrecking Ball in April, 2010 and their fan base began to grow as the EP started to gain popularity. This increased recognition resulted in a lot of online exposure as well as the first ever Great Valley music video for their single Wrecking Ball.

Riding high off of the success of their EP, the Matos brothers had all the motivation in the world to write and record the follow up to Wrecking Ball. The brothers spent most of this past November to January writing and recording which resulted in the March 1st release of Ruthless. Ruthless consists of eight brand new songs all recorded in the band’s basement in their home studio. The goal was to give it a raw, garage kind of sound as opposed to a more elaborate, studio production. The band also wanted to free itself from time limits and other constraints that go along with recording in a studio and just let the music develop freely and naturally.

Recording in such a stripped down environment really helped define the band’s sound as a no nonsense kind of rock duo which has drawn the attention of many online magazines and ultimately the public as Ruthless debuted at number 125 on iTunes top 200 Alternative Charts. If you long for the days of guitars and drums without all of the fluff and excess of today’s alternative rock bands then definitely pay attention to The Great Valley.

Genre(s): Rock, Alternative, Garage, Pop, Punk, Indie, Acoustic

Check out the song: “Wrecking Ball”