In lead up to a new album, M83 has released a track titled “Midnight City”. Sticking to the formula of shoe gaze and dream pop, Anthony Gonzalez lets this gem slip early and leaves us hoping the rest of the album is as good. The track is unique, even for an M83 song, in that the chorus is completely instrumental; the only vocals coming calmly and quietly in the subdued verses.

Leaning on a distinct melodic hook, “Midnight City” swells from vivacious highs to almost post-coital lulls before charging into the final breakdown complete with a mean sax solo. Who knows how the album will actually pan out, but even in terms of ingenuity and sheer pop brilliance, “Midnight City” is one of electro-pop’s brightest stars.

Run Time: 4:03
Release Date: July 19, 2011

Check out the song: “Midnight City”