Check out the song: “I’m Waiting”

I recently had a chance to speak with modern rock artist Frank Palangi who will be releasing his self-titled EP on August 31st. The New York native weaves a tapestry of tunes that range from acoustic numbers to heavier, edgier rock and roll tunes. Here’s what Palangi had to say.

What can fans expect when they pick up a copy of your new self-titled EP?
Frank: A new, modern rock sound that has a clean, positive message with energy. From catchy melodies, great arrangements, to thought-provoking lyrics. They will hear that this is my best work yet and get the sense of my original sound. A mainstream attitude with drive, will, and passion for the music.

Are you satisfied with the overall outcome of the new record?
Frank: I am very pleased with the way the EP came out. I wish I could have recorded all 5 tracks together in one session, but then I wouldn’t have grown as an artist in between as well. I got to work with one of my influences, Day Of Fire Grammy nominated rock band and former Full Devil Jacket singer Josh Brown during the record and couldn’t have worked out better.

How long did it take to record?
Frank:From planning in May 2010, recording 1st session in June in Nashville, TN at SoundStage Studios, to releasing the single in end of August. “I’m Waiting” to session number 2 in March 2011… about a year and a couple months. I was down in Nashville both times about a week at a time to get things done.

You worked with Rogers Masson on this release. What was that like? Did he push you in new directions?
Frank:Rogers was easygoing and great to work with. He has respect for the artist and their visions. This was my first time being in a professional recording studio and he helped me ease into things really well. I had a pre-planned sound that I hear in my head and a vision of what the tracks would come out to be. Together, we tried to achieve the best we could with our budgets and time.

What’s your musical background?
Frank: Mostly the 80’s metal/late 90’s rock genre. Bands like Metallica, Megadeth, Ozzy, Def Leppard to Creed, Godsmack and to more modern acts like Three Days Grace, Day of Fire, Rev Theory.

Times are tough these days. Do you have a job when you are not touring?
Frank: Not really, my career and life is music. I do solo acoustic gigs on the side to make some extra money. I film weddings or events on the side as well here and there. Most of the time I’m very busy making new contacts, reaching out to the industry, getting radio interviews, looking for airplay on internet, local FM, national FM radio, booking companies, licensing. A bunch of different things. Without the internet, I wouldn’t be anywhere.

Do you have any rituals before you hit the stage?
Frank: Not really. I try to drink a lot of water for the vocals, not be stressed, and take it a bit easy and then hit the stage and let out all the energy. Usually the band and I are setting up equipment and talking with people.

Check out the song: “Remembrance”

How long do you practice your instrument a day?
Frank: I used to play guitar in high school 3 hours a day… I’ve learned a lot and usually play 1 hour a day on guitar now, but I’m into making songs now and working on lyrics and recording demos most of the other hours of the day. I play drums and bass as well.

Who are your biggest influences on your playing?
Frank: Metallica, Megadeth, Def Leppard, Creed, Godsmack, Day Of Fire.

What is next for Frank Palangi?
Frank: Currently, I’ve sent my promo EP’s out to booking companies, labels, radio, and licensing. out of 100,000+ artists, they picked 800 to license music and I couldn’t have been happier that they chose me. It’s things like that that keep you moving. I would like to open for more national acts that come through my local Albany, NY area and do a 2012 tour with the full band line-up. I’ve auditioned for America’s Got Talent, The Voice, and a VH1 style music reality show. I’ve got my “irons in the fire” and will see what comes up. I believe I have the will, passion, and drive for what I do. I live and breathe it and really keep moving forward. Like Rogers says, “it just takes that one person to listen and believe”. There’s only so much I can do on my own, and I can’t believe what I’ve achieved.