Check out the song: “Darkness”

Recently, while attending the Chicago, IL festival Dame-Nation 2011, I discovered the female fronted band Angelical Tears who were performing in support of their self-titled EP. I got in contact with vocalist Julia Flansburg in order to ask her a few questions about the EP, new drummer, her vocals and her Russian tongue.

I recently heard Angelical Tears at Dame-Nation while working merch. I was impressed with the band’s sound and your voice. How do you sustain such strong vocals?
Julia: I have been working with vocal coach Regina Grimaldi at Headliner Studios for about a year now. I try to warm up before we go on to make sure my vocal chords are ready to rock.

Is it hard performing your songs live?
Julia: Not really, we practice quite a bit so the technical aspects are well rehearsed. Usually the challenges come in the variables we face in different venues such as the mix we get through the monitors. Some are great, other times it is difficult to hear myself, but we always get through it and do our best to give the crowd a good show.

You recently got a new Drummer in Jeremy “JC” Clifton. How has it been working with him?
Julia: Things are working out very well with JC. He brings a lot to the table and has really filled out the rhythm section. He also has excellent compositional skills so is also programming the keys we use. We definitely have a strong lineup and look forward to what the future holds.

Your Angelical Tears EP has been out for awhile, what key topics do you write about lyrically?
Julia: The EP was released in fall 2010 so we are indeed ready to record new material. Lyrics typically revolve different facets of relationships.

The song “Chasing Eternity” has some Russian lyrics I noticed. Are you fluent in Russian and what’s the meaning behind that song?
Julia: Yes, I was born in Orel, Russia so it is my first language. The song was originally completely in English, but when we went into the studio we decided to to give it a try in Russian. We may actually do another Russian language song for the next CD as well due to the feedback we’ve received. “Chasing Eternity” is about dreaming about and longing to be with someone, but being unable to due to circumstance which keep you apart.

How does Angelical Tears go about writing music? Is it a collective effort or is it more the efforts of one particular member of the band?
Julia: Song writing really is a collective effort. It may start with a vocal melody, or guitar riff, or keyboard melody. Lyric writing pretty much happens in the same manner.

Check out the song: “Tomorrow Happens Now”

Speaking of writing, are you working on a follow up to your self-titled EP?
Julia: We are indeed! We previewed a number of new songs at Dame-Nation and should be going into the studio quite soon. The plan is to release another recording around January or so.

Your name Angelical Tears sounds like it could have a story behind it. What is the meaning and how did the name come about?
Julia: That was a name that was chosen by Glenn and I. We wanted something with the name “Angelical” and the word Tears was added to that. Not really a story beyond that!

I saw on your Facebook that you played The All Stars Tour in Milwaukee, WI. How did the crowd take to your diverse sound?
Julia: That was a different crowd for us, but we did receive some good response. We are glad to have gotten the opportunity to play.

What’s coming up in the near future for Angelical Tears?
Julia: We will be wrapping up our summer tour with dates in Kansas, Nevada, and Colorado. We will be playing Rock Jam 2011 which is a large music festival held in Grand Junction, CO. We will also be sharing a stage with the Misfits this fall. Of course, we will soon be involved in recording the next Angelical Tears CD!