It’s always incredible to hear of an independent band that can self-release not one, but TWO EPs. While most groups struggle to create just one, hardcore/metal band In Alcatraz 1962 managed to release a second EP, Dream, this past May.

At first glance of the cover art, the infamous 1962 Alcatraz prison escape comes to mind. Imagery aside, from that point on I was ecstatic to play this CD – yes I’m repping a discman! As the music begins one hears a simple drum beat overlaid by distant shouting, which leads nicely to a full band breakdown (you’ll come to find the songs consist of 90% breakdowns and a hell of a lot of shouting). On the second track, “The Want”, you may hear a familiar voice as Tyler Greene (ex/ Abacabb) lends his talents to the track. While all five of the EP’s songs have a similar sound, the formula works.

Anyone wanting to help support an indie band from the metal/hardcore scene should pick up a copy of Alcatraz 1962’s Dream. Also, I recommend seeing them live as they’re a solid act to watch.

Track Listing:

01. For Yourself
02. The Want
03. Speed Of Spinning Earth
04. You The Dreamer
05. There To Take

Run Time: 18:54
Release Date: May 17, 2011

Check out the song: “For Yourself”