Low budget horror movies are a dime a dozen and more often than not disappoint in a big way. I understand it’s very difficult to obtain the “shock an awe” factor on a shoestring budget and honestly most don’t deliver. At first glance, The Puppet Monster Massacre seems to be one of those movies. It’s a horror movie with; well you guessed it, hand puppets as characters. This might seem odd at first, but before you rush to any quick decisions I feel this movie actually works very well. While there’s no real edge-of-your-seat suspense or nail-biting horror, the movie contains tons of puppet gore and lots of witty, clever dialogue, all of which makes it interesting and entertaining.

Here’s the set-up. A former Nazi scientist, Dr. Wolfgang Wagner has a decades-old grudge to bear against a group of American soldiers. During WWII apparently Wagner was working with Hitler on a project to take over the world; a creature created though a genetic experiment and the help of the dark arts. Bent on revenge because these US soldiers destroyed his life’s work, he invites the children and grandchildren of these soldiers to his spooky mansion under the guise of a contest to win a million dollars. What happens from there, while at times is predictable, is also fun and humorous.

Bottom line, this is an entertaining movie! If you’re looking for special effects and a glossy, suspenseful horror movie, than this isn’t for you. The cheese factor is definitely high here, but it works well and if you enjoy B movies or things outside the box, than this one is for you – I found it highly enjoyable.

Run Time: 70 minutes
Release Date: July 26, 2011

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