The Corporate Cut Throat Massacre bills itself as “The Office” meets “American Psycho.” After reading that I was more than intrigued and was anticipating a whole lot more than was delivered. I understand this is an offbeat, “B” movie, but nonetheless I found it to be extremely slow and at times extremely boring – which I think is a shame because the plot line is great.

The “bitchy” boss announces that two people are going to lose their jobs by the end of the day and someone in the office wants to even out the playing field, by taking the other employees out permanently. This is a killer plot line (forgive the pun), but it just doesn’t deliver. This is a comedy/horror/slasher movie without any special effects and absolutely no blood and guts. I feel that these two elements are necessary for this type of movie and without them, to me, it just doesn’t work.

The movie is humorous at times and the dry witty comedy portion does resemble “The Office” and for the most part it works. At the end of the day however I think The Corporate Cut Throat Massacre is mediocre at best, even for a “B” flick.

Run Time: 70 minutes
Release Date: May 17, 2011

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