Ok what the hell is going on? With all these ‘90s bands recently reformed and releasing new music I’m starting to think Nirvana might be getting back together soon. Apparently Gavin Rossdale recently got tired of being Mr. Gwen Stefani and decided to reform Bush. The group has been recording new material over the past year and is now ready for a September 13th release; almost exactly ten years since the last Bush disc, Golden State. The new record is to be called The Sea of Memories and from it we already have the first single, “The Sound of Winter.”

It’s hard to exactly sum up “The Sound of Winter.” It’s pretty mid-tempo for a band known to really turn up the guitars, but on the other hand it’s not quite what you would refer to as a “slow number.” Unfortunately the song is, for lack of a better term, a little pedestrian sounding. It doesn’t quite go anywhere through its three and a half minutes, at least not in what you would expect from a band’s first single (especially a comeback single). This isn’t to suggest “The Sound of Winter” is a lousy song; it’s a decent “radio” track that should satisfy you for a few minutes. It’s just that I would have expected something more memorable and more emotional from Rossdale after such a long time away.

Run Time: 3:26
Release Date: July 22, 2011

Check out the song: “The Sound Of Winter”