The first few times I listened to this CD I couldn’t help but think of the pop-punk emo bands that were so popular when I was in high school, especially Taking Back Sunday. The album is full of heartbreak, loneliness and growing up.

The album however, is also full of catchy melodies, and fun sing along choruses, with well-written, genuine lyrics, and a vibe that just screams high school summer heartbreak. The opening track, “Came Out Swinging” is appropriately named, as it sets the tone for the album in a big way – and I think it’s the standout track. This is a solid, fun, pop-punk CD for the Warped Tour crowd, which is at least worth a listen.

Track Listing:

01. Came Out Swinging
02. Woke Up Older
03. Local Man Ruins Everything
04. Suburbia
05. My Life as a Pigeon
06. Summers in PA (feat. Dan O’Connor and Alan Day)
07. I Won’t Say the Lord’s Prayer
08. Coffee Eyes
09. I’ve Given You All
10. Don’t Let Me Cave In
11. You Made Me Want to Be a Saint
12. Hoodie Weather
13. And Now I’m Nothing
14. My Life as Rob Gordon

Run Time: 40:00
Release Date: June 14, 2011

Check out the song: “Coffee Eyes”