In 2009 The Rabid Whole released an album entitled Autraumaton. Not long after, they released a remix EP called 000 which became a sampler to their latest release Autraumation Remixed. As the name suggests, this is a remix of their album Autraumaton.

With the exception of one track, “Love Song For a Vampire”, every song was remixed by a different artist: Virtual Terrorist, Radutu and Left Spine Down, to name a few. Autraumaton Remixed is consistent with most remix albums and any fans of The Rabid Whole will really dig hearing the new versions of these already awesome songs. But if you’re not already a Rabid Whole fanatic, this release will more or less do nothing for you.

Track Listing:

01. Collapse (Temptation Mix By Sebastian Komor)
02. All The Same (XP8 Euromix)
03. Faith In Yesterday (Kevvy Mental Dead Souls Mix)
04. Harder To Be True (Assemblage 23 Mix)
05. Selfish Whole (Angelspit Mix)
06. The Strings Inside (Psykkle Mix)
07. My Love, My Blood (Mind.In.A.Box Mix)
08. Tell Me Lies (Elmer J. Fudd Mix By Virtual Terrorist)
09. Selfish Nature (16Volt Mix)
10. Distant Blue Skies (Wasteland Sky Mix By George V. Radutu)
11. Love Song For A Vampire
12. Evidence Of The Fall (Faith In Nothing Mix By Left Spine Down)

Run Time: 1:06:37
Release Date: February 8, 2011

Check out the song: “Evidence Of The Fall (Faith In Nothing Mix By Left Spine Down)”