The Skinny: Set It Free is a 5-piece rock band from Brick, New Jersey who formed in 2010. The band recorded their first self-titled EP at Trax East Studio with Engineer Eric Rachel. This laid the foundation of their popularity with their local fans. The band is noted for their blend of uplifting pop/rock melodies and high energetic live performances. The band’s name, Set It Free, refers to the mindset of living everyday with freedom and a positive outlook in life.

When long time friends Andrew, Mike and Pat’s former band One False Move shed ways, this was the perfect opportunity to create a new band. Shortly after the bands break up, Joey made a phone call to former childhood friend/band member Victor. Joey asked Victor to put together a jam session with the three former members of 1fm. That night Set It Free was born, within the first 15 minutes they laid down the foundation of their 1st track, “Home Alive”. They instantly realized that something special had just taken place.

Set It Free is currently playing live in the tri-state area with plans to record a full-length album in the summer of 2011. The album will be produced by Peter Charell of the band Trapt and engineered by Eric Rachel.


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