Shortly after Stereogum’s Brandon Stosuy shouted out sci-fi black metal maestros Servile Sect in Haunting The Chapel’s Top 26 Metal Album’s of 2011 So Far list, he asked the band to put together something special for the website.

He explains, “Since Servile Sect are arriving at black metal, psychedelic noise, and harsh ambient drone from an interesting angle “DJ Shadow with Xasthur hybrid” shows up in their press release as do references to Weakling, Striborg, Ildjarn, etc. I asked them to compile a mix of songs or bands or whatever that inspired them as a group (or ‘Trvth’ specifically).”

The duo obliged with a digital mixtape, and the fruit of this collaboration is now up and streaming HERE. Check out the inspirations behind the sprawling psychedelic black freakouts on their upcoming ‘Trvth’ LP.

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