The name alone immediately invokes thoughts of incredible jazz from an eccentric, larger than life personality. Miles Davis is synonymous with jazz music and had an important role in shaping the genre as a whole. I feel however that Davis’ music is not only for jazz fans; it truly transcends genres and appeals to millions of people worldwide.

This release captures Miles Davis performing at the world famous Montreux Jazz Festival over the course of many years. As someone who never had the chance to see Davis live, I really enjoyed this disc for a number of reasons. First and probably the most obvious reason is the man’s incredible playing; the feeling and passion that emanates from his horn is unreal. The aspect I like the most about this disc however, is just watching the master at work. The way he channels the music as if from another realm is fascinating to watch; it seems as if he is a medium and the music is speaking through him.

The disc also includes an in-depth interview about Davis with guitar legend Carlos Santana. As a peer and a personal friend of Davis, Santana has unique insight into Davis and the man behind the myth. I truly enjoyed the insider stories Santana provides and I feel they really show another side of the legendary musician.

This is definitely not the usual hard rock or metal fare I’m used to reviewing for this magazine, but I can honestly say that this DVD is well worth picking up. Eclectic and avant-garde rock/metal comparisons aside, this is an iconic musician whose impact on the world of Jazz and the music world in general is immeasurable.

Track Listing:

01. Life-1973
02. Speak: That’s What Happened 1984
03. Code MD-1985
04. Pacific Express-1985
05. Jean-Pierre-1986
06. Heavy Metal Prelude-1988
07. Jo Jo- 1989
08. Hanibal-1990

Sketches Of Spain:
09. The Pan Piper-1991
10. Solea- 1991

Bonus Feature: Interview with Carlos Santana

Run Time: 133 minutes
Release Date: June 21, 2011

Check out a live clip below