The Future Is Medieval is Kaiser Chief’s fourth album and as of yet, the first that has failed to climb into the top two of the UK album chart listings. In fact, it has only peaked at tenth position. Its relative failure is more than justified. The Future Is Medieval is the perfect definition of a ‘damp squib’. The energy that Kaiser Chiefs are hailed for has all but vanished.

Despite this, there are some good tracks, such as ‘Long Way From Celebrating’, while closing track ‘If You Will Have Me’ reveals a moody, emotional sound for the first time and it really does excel.

Sadly however, there are some complete horror shows on The Future Is Medeival. ‘Heard It Break’ definitely broke me, with some horrible shrilling noises and can only be described as a terrible excuse of a song. The Kaiser Chiefs have never been renowned for their imaginative lyrics, but some of the words and sentences on The Future Is Medieval were far short of what is required. The repetition of words was tiresome too, the word “nothing” was repeated 29 times on ‘Starts With Nothing’ and that does not even include the “nothing” in the song title.

The Future is Medieval signals the end of Kaiser Chiefs reign at the top of British indie music.

Track Listing:

01. Little Shocks
02. Things Change
03. Long Way From Celebrating
04. Starts With Nothing
05. Out Of Focus
06. Dead Or In Serious Trouble
07. When All Is Quiet
08. Kinda Girl You Are
09. Man On Mars
10. Child Of The Jago
11. Heard It Break
12. Coming Up For Air
13. If You Will Have Me

Run Time: 49:49
Release Date: June 27, 2011

Check out the song: “Little Shocks”