Begin Again is the debut release from Hell or Highwater, the band formerly known as the Black Cloud Collective. Fronted by Atreyu drummer Brandon Saller, this first release is a remarkably fresh-sounding, modern rock record. The album draws influences from many different genres including classic rock, punk and pop resulting in a top notch melodic rock offering that is sure to please the masses.

Moreover, this release comes at the perfect time of year as each of the tunes herein beg to be cranked up loud! Combine that with some highway cruising with the windows rolled down, and one shouldn’t have a care in the world. Summer-time fine aside, this is a hot debut from a group seemingly raring to go. Check out Begin Again; you’ll be glad you did!

Begin Again Track Listing:

01. Gimme Love
02. Hail Mary!
03. Terrorized In The Night
04. Tragedy
05. Find The Time To Breathe
06. Rocky Waters Edge
07. Go Alone (ft. M Shadows)
08. When The Morning Comes
09. Crash & Burn
10. Come Alive
11. We All Wanna Go Home

Run Time: 39:49
Release Date: August 9, 2011

Check out the song: “Hail Mary!”