Starting today Metal Injection is hosting the worldwide premiere of “By The Roses Grave” from Swedish folk metallers Falconer. “By The Roses Grave” (Vid Rosornas Grav) is taken off the bands brand new studio album ‘Armod’, which features 11 songs sung completely in Swedish and was released earlier this month via Metal Blade Records. Check out the video HERE!

Comments Falconer guitarist Stefan Weinerhall: “The video for “By The Roses Grave” is re-enacting a story that took place not far from where we live. It gives you a vision of what position you would have 150 years ago if you were just a common man or serf. It surely doesn’t look like a metal video in the beginning but then again, when have Falconer ever been about being as metal as possible? The video is once again produced and directed by 1897 – they also did the video for “Carnival Of Disgust”.”

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