My Perception is the latest release Belgian duo Black Box Revelation. These guys play a brand of rock n’ roll that is lifted straight from the 70’s. But that is not a bad thing by any means! While this type of music has been done ad-nauseum over the years, BBR do it well and I feel better than most.

At times vocalist Jan Paternoster sounds uncannily like Mick Jagger with an incredibly raw, sex-driven energy and delivery that is reminiscent of early era glam bands. As you might imagine, with only two musicians the album’s production is stripped down and simple. While there may be no bells and whistles herein, this is no way does detracts from the big picture. Raw and rough around the edges, My Perception really stands on its own. Bottom line this is a really enjoyable rock n’ roll record!

Track Listing:

01. High On A Wire
02. My Perception Rattle My Heart
03. Bitter Skin
04. White Unicorns
05. Madhouse
06. Shadowman
07. Good Swimmer
08. 2 Young Boys
09. Lonely Hearts
10. My Girl

Run Time: 52:18
Release Date: Early 2012

Check out the song: “High On A Wire”