RING… I hear a bell ringing in the distance. Is school starting? No it’s the beginning of the album Clinic For Dolls, the second release from gothic metal band UnSun. The Aya and Mauser duo have once again linked musically to birth a new set of sick songs.

Following the ringing you hear a piano then a lonesome guitar. This six string is soon supported by an ensemble of instruments which as they play together, build you up for lead woman Aya who belts out some powerful vocals “What can I do….” Every song on this album is melodic but powerful, bringing the listener down to their knees and leaving him powerless. You can really feel the emotion and effort that was put into the album. All 10 tracks will go through you in no time; they are like the sirens drawing you in with their enticing music.

Clinic For Dolls is a massive step up from the group’s prior album The End Of Life; the married couple must have a strong bond emotionally and musically. Fans of Vador, Shield Of Wings, Delain and Stratovarius will love the divine music of UnSun.

Track Listing:

01.The Lost Way
02. Clinic For Dolls
03. Time
04. Mockers
05. Not Enough
06. The Last Tear
07. Home
08. I Ceased
09. A Single Touch
10. Why

Run Time: 44:16
Release Date: 10.11.2010

Check out the song: “Home”