Today, hosts the exclusive worldwide premiere of “Watch It Burn,” the anthemesque opening track off Unearth’s forthcoming ‘Darkness In The Light’ full-length. To hear “Watch It Burn,” simply point your browser HERE.

Blisteringly heavy both musically and thematically, vocalist Trevor Phipps comments: “”Watch It Burn” is the lead track from ‘Darkness In The Light’ because we felt it captured the aggression and heaviness of the album while also staying true to our core sound from our earlier records. This is one of the only tunes without a guitar solo, but the harmonies are there to mix around one of the heaviest choruses we’ve ever written. The song is angry, fast and in-your-face while also allowing for a melodic bridge late in the song much like some of our older material.”

“Lyrically, it is an anti-extremist song. It attacks both the left and right of the political spectrum while also calling into question extremist religious groups and their influence on our culture. All these political and religious extremists seem to manage to do is splinter society and turn people against each other that otherwise likely wouldn’t be at odds. Basically we can put aside some meager differences and work to better ourselves or we can keep heading down this destructive path and eventually “Watch It Burn.””

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