Grammy nominated guitar virtuoso Tony MacAlpine is back with his first solo disc in 10 years. As one might expect from MacAlpine this self-titled release is filled with some mind-boggling fretboard acrobatics and some of the best shredding you have ever heard.

Macalpine comes out of the box swinging, attacking his axe with a ferocity that confirms he does indeed still have the goods. The album’s terrific opener “Serpens Cauda” confirms it with great big bold letters. He has the passion and the amazing technical ability to crank out some unforgettable guitar-laden tunes that will leave you standing with your mouth wide open.

MacAlpine is without a doubt one of the greatest all-time guitar players and I feel this album just confirms his reputation as such. Bottom line, this is a fantastic disc that I would highly recommend picking up when it’s released on June 21st.

Track Listing:

01. Serpens Cauda
02. Oludeniz
03. Fire Mountain
04. Dream Mechanism
05. 10 Seconds To Mercury
06. Flowers For Monday
07. Angel Of Twilight
08. Blue Maserati
09. Pyrokinesis
10. Summer Palace
11. Salar De Uyuni
12. The Dedication

Run Time: 54:24
Release Date: June 21, 2011

Check out the song: “Serpens Cauda and Oludeniz”