Be sure to head over to MSN as the site hosts the worldwide premiere of Sister’s upcoming album ‘Hated’, streaming in its entirety! A note from the band to metalheads about the new album: “With this album we really captured the raw essence of Sister. We consider ourselves to be a live band and we think that it comes forward on these songs. For example the sound we wanted on ‘Hated’ was pretty much the sound we expect from a live show and the song order was done like we use to decide a set list for gigs.”

“When the album really started to take form it became clear to us that this was an album that was going to be exactly what we wanted from the start. Everything fell into the right places and the ideas turned out just right. A lot of times you get something good out of chaos and of course this was no exception. But in the end with a result that was just like we had planned from the beginning. All the people that have been working with us, making this album, have really understood our ideas and it’s been great working with every one of them. This is a record filled with dirt, raw energy, heavy riffs and catchy choruses. All things Sister is about. So check out our debut album ‘Hated’ and don’t miss the chance if you have it to see us live!”

‘Hated’ Track Listing:

01. Radioactive Misery
02. Body Blow
03. Bullshit & Backstabbing
04. Hated
05. Motherfuckers (like you)
06. Werewolves on Blackstreet
07. Spit on Me
08. The Unlucky Minority
09. Would You Love A Creature
10. Too Bad For You
11. Drag Me to the Grave

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