Roger Miret And The Disasters have premiered the new video for the song “JR” that comes from The Disaster’s latest release ‘Gotta Get Up Now’ which was released earlier this year on People Like You Records. While he may not be known for singing country songs, Roger belts out this one like a true country crooner. Check out the video for “JR” below.

“I wrote this song when I found out my wife was pregnant with my first son. It’s really amazing to know that the one person you love more than anything else in this world, including yourself, is carrying your child… a child made out of the love that both you and your wife share for each other. I had some pretty hard times growing up, and fell on some even harder times as an adult. I wanted to write a song that my son could listen to when things got tough and know that there will always be someone there for him when life takes that unexpected turn, as it so often does. I wanted him to know that I will always be proud of him, and always stand behind him no matter what direction he decides to take his life in, the way my family stood behind me.”

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