The highly anticipated new video for Papa Roach’s next electrifying single, “No Matter What,” premiered online! Click HERE to watch. The video was filmed in Joshua Tree National Park and directed by Jesse Davey.

Jacoby Shaddix says it best when he describes the unrelenting explosive drive behind the new video: “I think “Scars” really kicked open a new avenue for us, and “No Matter What” continues down that road. I’m really proud of the song, it represents the longevity and brotherhood of the band as well as my relationship with my wife. As far as the video goes, I think it’s hands down the best video we’ve ever made. Jesse Davey is a fucking legend.”

“No Matter What” is the third single from Papa Roach’s latest release ‘Time For Annihilation… On The Record and On The Road’, which debuted at #1 Independent Rock, #23 Top 200, #4 Hard Rock and #5 Alternative Album on Billboard’s charts.

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