Foo Fighters latest album Wasting Light has received mass critical acclaim since it was released in April. Lead single “Rope” was a fantastic return to form and now the follow up “Walk” has been released to keep the album sales ticking over.

“Walk” does not reach the dizzy heights of “Rope”, but then the Foos have not managed to release a single so captivating since “All My Life” in 2002. However, “Walk” is a decent effort. The song takes a while to launch into action with a few procrastinating verses, although the chorus is worth the wait. It’s a melodic and enjoyable creation, despite being led into battle with a surprisingly ordinary Taylor Hawkins drum riff.

Sadly however, “Walk” sometimes has the damning ability of being able to flow through one ear and out the other without the listener noticing. It is just a little middle-of-the-road, which is ironic considering the band take the mickey out of middle-of-the-road specialists, Coldplay, in the accompanying video. Do not be fooled by “Walk”, it may be a little uninspiring, but Wasting Light as a whole, is far better.

Run Time: 4:16
Release Date: June 13, 2011

Check out the song: “Walk”