This Pennsylvania-based hardcore outfit comes out of the box swinging on their latest release, Bloodseeds. Debtor has been creating a name for themselves and grinding out quality hardcore punk for a number of years now and Bloodseeds is a culmination of all their determination and hard work as it’s an intense, fast and furious, tour de force of a disc that fans of the hardcore punk genre will absolutely dig.

There are tons of gang vocals, more than a few pit-friendly breakdowns and an overall intensity that is in-your-face and infectious. I am a huge fan of the hardcore punk genre and I feel that Debtor has constructed a killer collection of songs that should go a long way to solidifying the band’s status in the scene. This is hardcore the way it was meant to be played. Give this one a whirl!

Track Listing:

01. Job’s Lament (Pt.1)
02. Already Dead (Pt.2)
03. Through Death (Pt.3)
04. Resolve
05. Bare Heights
06. Sideways
07. Believe
08. Last Of All
09. Blue Bell
10. (Psalm 142)
11. Erosion
12. Bleed
13. Witness

Run Time: 26:17
Release Date: July 8, 2011

Check out the song: “Last Of All”