Today, Liquid Metal (SiriusXM 40) will host the exclusive premiere of Unearth’s “Shadows In The Light,” the third track off the band’s upcoming and eagerly-anticipated ‘Darkness In The Light’ full-length.

Said vocalist Trevor Phipps: “”Shadows In The Light” is a tune that showcases everything Unearth has ever brought to the table from the aggressive to melodic sides both musically and vocally. This is probably the most ‘dynamic’ song on the album, but also one of the hardest hitters…and catchiest. We set out to make this album heavy as hell, while also keeping the listener interested with some memorable moments. We hope this tune becomes a staple in our live set this summer and beyond. Lyrically the song is about never standing down even when your enemies or any sort of personal or worldly defeat seems to be bearing down on you.”

To check out “Shadows In The Light,” tune in to Liquid Metal today at 4:00 PM (EST).

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