Santah was born with their feet planted in the ground and their heads in the clouds. Composed of guitarist/vocalist Stanton McConnell, drummer Steven Plock, bassist Otto Stuparitz, and Tommy Trafton on keyboards, the quintet met at the University of Illinois and with their debut full-length record, ‘White Noise Bed,’ they have assembled a kaleidoscopic opus whose reach extends far beyond the Midwest.

Recorded at the late Jay Bennett’s Pieholden Studios, where the band found its niche among the studio’s forbearers of psychedelic Americana, ‘White Noise Bed’ has a yin and yang aesthetic: sometimes sunny and sometimes stormy, but always running on audible elation. The band takes its cues from the power pop greats of the 70’s such as The Raspberries and The Cars, and dresses them in a twangy haze, full of clever, lyrical nooks and crannies ala Wilco and Whiskeytown. After finishing the record last May, Stan’s sister Vivian joined the band, adding her passionate vocals and thoughtful guitar.

You can download their first single “No Other Woman” HERE.

‘White Noise Bed’ Track Listing:

01. Irish Wristwatch
02. No Other Women
03. Chips of Paint
04. Cold Wave
05. White Noise Bed
06. Overgrown
07. When I Couldn’t Move
08. Merry Ann
09. Bat Suite
10. Dragonfly Papers
11. Neighbors and Cousins

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