Forever running from Conor Oberst substantial similarity lawsuits must be a tiring life, but this Pennsylvania threesome seem to have enough gas left in the tank to put together a pretty sharp album. It’s not groundbreaking, but combining the trademark tenor – albeit in a much less annoying form – of Saddle Creek’s poster boy with a punkier, crunchier sound is fun to listen to. I don’t even like Bright Eyes, in fact I’m a bit of an Oberst-hater, but I still listened through this album countless times. And it does enough things well that you won’t really care who else it sounds like.

In the end it’s undoubtedly a worthy offer, undoubtedly Run Forever’s own album, and undeniably well put-together. This record pushes an addictive sound, and if it wasn’t for that damn Oberst whiner, this would be a wholly intriguing album. Oh well.

Track Listing:

01. A Sequence of Sad Events
02. For God or Gold
03. The Grand Illusion
04. There’s only Today
05. When it Won’t Leave
06. No Truth
07. 10,000 Leagues
08. Graves
09. The Devil, and Death, and Me
10. Lifted

Run Time: 34:20
Release Date: 07.03.2010