Where else can one hear about porn stars on poles? Possibly a strip club, but that’s too costly for the general public. Instead, turn on the radio and chances are that My Darkest Days’ hit single “Porn Star Dancing” will fill your ears with pleasure, for free! My Darkest Days debut self-titled album hit stores September 21st, 2010 and made an immediate impact on the market, placing in the top 250 selling items for Barnes & Nobel.

Upon seeing the album in stores it was difficult to decide on whether or not to purchase it because of the ugly cover. The problem lies in the block lettering on the top of the cover. It simply says “My Darkest Days” but the block lettering is an eyesore. One must not judge a book, or a CD, by its cover however. The 97.7 HTZ-FM’s Rock Search champions of 2008 hail from Norwood, Ontario and bring a wide variety of musical skill to their work.

The most notable is the song writing. The vocals are written perfectly, and the instrumentation fits in without missing a beat in every song. One of the more outstanding songs is “Every Lie”, which tells a story of deception and betrayal. The words are catchy, the guitar is solid, the bass is strong, and the drums top it all off to make an almost perfect song. The only problem is that it is slightly repetitive, but that’s the point of a hook in a tune now isn’t it?

Several songs on the album are upbeat and energetic; while some slow it down and bring more passion and intensity. However, the big surprise on the album is the bonus track. The rock band brings in rapping legend Ludacris to mix it up and bring a completely different feel to the song “Porn Star Dancing.” My Darkest Days debut album is a good one. Plenty of talent, surprises, and well-written songs make this album enjoyable.

Track Listing:

01. Move Your Body
02. Porn Star Dancing w/ Chad Kroeger and Zakk Wylde
03. Every Lie
04. Like Nobody Else
05. World Belongs To Me
06. Save Me
07. Set It On Fire w/ Orianthi
08. Come Undone w/ Jessie James
09. Can’t Forget You
10. Goodbye
11. Porn Star Dancing w/ Ludacris

Run Time: 39:25
Release date: 09.21.2010

Check out the song: “Porn Star Dancing”