On a Saturday night I decided to head on over to a local show in town adjacent to mine. There I watched the Quebec band Manahil perform, as they call it, ambient music for metalheads. After seeing them live I had to get myself a copy of their album Hadayane and decided to share with you just how it sounds.

Think of the metal band Orphaned Land, now strip them of everything which makes them metal leaving behind the ambience. Change the vocals to that of a beautiful woman’s voice, but keep the Arabic lyrics. This is the easiest way to describe the sound of Hadayane. Every track on this CD just eases you into relaxation, washing away everything around you as you focus solely on the music. One song that really jumps out is “Min Faouk” featuring some great keyboard parts and a sweet guitar solo.

Manahil are very unique with their sound and their language setting for their vocals. I really do love the description “ambient music for metalheads”. Relaxed fans of Mathieu Fiset, Orphaned Land, Vyhem and Leaves’ Eyes will enjoy this album.

Track Listing:

01. Andourou Ila Kabri
02. Ouardatou Sabah
03. Biharou Tofoulai
04. Ihsasoun Min Dahab
05. Addalam
06. Alf Laila Oua Laila
07. Moutahid Bil Hawa
08. Min Faouk
09. Khalia
10. Oua Akhirane

Run Time: 43:36
Release Date: 09.27.2007