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The Skinny: The guitar feedback swells as bodies pack into a cold garage in Chinatown to catch a glimpse of Toronto’s newest and dirtiest rock band, Greys. In spite of the February chill, people crowd the quartet as they rip into a set of throat-searing, fist-raising anthems that mix muscular riffage with atonal discordance in a style that wouldn’t be out of place on a Sub Pop or Touch & Go sampler from 1991. Put it this way: If Fugazi suddenly displayed a penchant for stoner rock riffs; if Duane Denison jammed with John Reis; if Nirvana never released Nevermind; if the nineties never ended – this is the alternate universe in which Greys exist.

They’re no throwback band, however. Far from it. They simply display the raw, aggressive, yet artful and progressive traits bands haven’t shown off in over a decade – especially in their hometown. They play very, very loud rock music, and that’s enough cause for applause. The lack of likeminded artists in their city is what spawned Greys in the Summer of 2010, as the four young men sought to fill this void themselves with serrated guitars, pounding drums, guttural bass lines and pissed off vocals.


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