What I love about Favour the Brave’s new EP is that their music is different than most of the bands I’ve been listening to recently. After one full listen, I just couldn’t help but replay it over and over. It’s refreshing to hear a band that’s much more than a bunch of technical breakdowns accompanied by thrashing guitars and low-pitched screams.

Favours the Brave are from Toronto, Ontario, and their record sounds like the love-child of Thursday and Thrice. The EP opens with “FDR Was Wrong,” and the band couldn’t have made a better choice. This song sets the feel for the album with an alternative tone that compliments vocalist Tommy Dillon’s pipes wonderfully. Their track “The Outsider” reminds me of post-Full Collapse Thursday, and is a very mellow track showcasing Dillon’s strong vocals.

My favourite track is “See You Next Tuesday” as it serves as a throwback to the sounds that defined the 2001-2005 alternative era. This alternative, raw sound is also evident in the last track “Hold Steady Glass Princess”, which is a versatile tune that would have fit perfectly in the Vheissu album. The drums on this track are haunting and Dillon’s vocals echoe against them. Overall, this is an excellent EP with a solid collection of songs that proves the band is talented and most definitely deserves to get noticed.

Track Listing:

01. FDR Was Wrong
02. Affirmation
03. The Outside
04. See You Next Tuesday
05. Hands Up Heads Down
06. Hold Steady Glass Princess

Run Time: 23:54
Release Date: 03.04.2011