The Skinny: Many Canadian hardcore bands emerge seemingly from out of nowhere; each one trying to make a name for themselves. Try as they might, very few succeed and are eventually swallowed up by the pollution in this genre. Dead And Divine however, are one of the few strong enough to have risen above the rest. Having released two EP’s and two full length albums, D&D are gearing up for their third album Antimacy.

They have everything a band in the scene needs; great music, solid breakdowns, terrific vocals and most importantly, an energetic live performance. They pump the room full of energy and just go wild. The whole band throws their heads around and usually, during breakdowns, do the good old up and down movements with their instruments. Fans fill the room with screams of excitement, intermixed with people latched on and singing every word of the songs.

As the years go by the fans multiply. If you haven’t checked them out, make sure you hear each one of their releases and get ready for Antimacy, due out later this year. Also, look out for the band on tour as they put on one hell of a show.

Genre(s): Metal, Hardcore, Rock, Metalcore