New metalcore band, Asking Alexandria, are already back with their second album Reckless & Relentless. After having high success with SXSW and The Bamboozle festival there was a lot of pressure on the band to release an extravagant album. But did they do it?

Reckless & Relentless begins with a piano intro which quickly takes a 180 becoming a ground pounding breakdown. Then, Asking Alexandria takes over the rest of the album with their English metalcore. The band has pretty standard metal instrumentals with some breakdowns interspersed. The shouting is aggressive, but the singing is what makes the band’s sound. Danny Worsnop delivers some catchy melodies which are soft and poppy, yet works really well with the music overall.

This release and artist will be best received by fans of I See Stars, Stray From The Path, Born Of Osiris and Circle Of Contempt for example.

Track Listing:

01. Welcome
02. Dear Insanity
03. Closure
04. A Lesson Never Learned
05. To The Stage
06. Dedication
07. Someone, Somewhere
08. Breathless
09. The Match
10. Another Bottle Down
11. Reckless & Relentless
12. Morte Et Dabo

Run Time: 42:52
Release Date: 04.05.2011

Check out the song: “A Lesson Never Learned”