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Episode Summary: Hosts Alloy Ben and Alloy Matt are joined in the studio with friend of the show, Casandra. She wanted to see what the recording process was like, and we were happy to oblige. Little did she know we would fuck with her for the entire show and Alloy Matt would be Tweeting about her and her obsession with “Bawls.” The Alloy Boys talk about upcoming shows they are going to and upcoming releases they are stoked on.

On another note, Alloy Matt recently did a guest-host spot on the MetalsPeak Podcast. They were discussing religion in metal and asked Alloy Matt to come on the show and give his opinion. He was stoked to do it and the discussion was very interesting.

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01. Affiance – “Nostra Culpa”
02. The Devin Townsend Project – “Bend it Like Bender!”
03. Memphis May Fire – “Action/Adventure”
04. DevilDriver – “Dead to Rights”
05. Hot Chelle Rae – “Tonight”
06. Stick to Your Guns – “Amber”
07. Suffokate – “Constant Urge to Kill”
08. Suffocation – “Abomination Reborn”
09. Interview with All That Remains Guitarist, Mike Martin
10. All That Remains – “The Air That I Breathe”
11. Dying Fetus – “Born of Sodom”

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