From the Joy Division guitars and deadpan vocals, to the cover art which nods at New Order’s seminal Power, Corruption & Lies, SWTHRT make no attempt to hide their influences. The album is almost more of a tribute to the genius of Curtis, Hook, Sumner and Morris than anything else. Though oddly enough, it’s the moments of departure from the ‘Factory music formula’ where SWTHRT manage to be the most interesting. Check out Compact Disc’s first single, “Boys With Problems” to get a sense of borderline plagiarism meeting contemporary indie music.

It might not be too original, but it hits that Martin Hannett spaciousness perfectly and manages to play intuitively with the sparseness of the Joy Division sound, which ends up being a much more interesting nod to the post-punk legends then a simple cover CD would have been.

Track Listing:

01. Good Omens
02. I Am In Misery
03. Long Hair Don’t Care
04. Boys With Problems
05. So Dumb
06. Maggie Valley
07. Aloha Y’all
08. Terror Dread
09. No Holiday
10. I Hate This
11. Sunroof

Run Time: 26:57
Release Date: 04.25.2011

Check out the song: “Boys With Problems”