May 25, 2010, Soulfly released their seventh studio album Omen. To commemorate this event the CD’s album art displays 7 Omens, each bearing a representation of the seven deadly sins. That’s a lot of sevens-talk but, have no fear this release exceeds that number of tracks.

The regular edition of Omen contains a total of 11 tracks. This time around, thrash god Max Cavalera, put together a collection of songs with a groove-oriented sound and a nice dose of thrash thrown into the mix. To differentiate Omen from previous Soulfly releases, the group has again outdone themselves with their instrumentals. This record contains some of the best riffs Soulfly has done to date. Overall, Omen feels like Max Cavalera was on a personal mission to incorporate all that he’s learned from past albums.

Omen is a release that stands out amongst all of Soulfly’s material. It’s a must-have for every fan and metal head alike. Thrashing fans of Sepultura, Nailbomb, Cavalera Conspiracy and Machine Head will go berserk for this release.

Track Listing:

01. Bloodbath & Beyond
02. Rise Of The Fallen
03. Great Depression
04. Lethal Injection
05. Kingdom
06. Jeffrey Dahmer
07. Off With Their Heads
08. Vulture Culture
09. Mega-Doom
10. Counter Sabotage
11. Soulfly VII

Run Time: 40:35
Release Date: 05.18.2010

Check out the song: “Rise Of The Fallen”