Welcome to the show, please insert your copy of Marianas Trench’s Masterpiece Theatre. As you wait for the entertainment to load please take the time to look through the program (booklet) for song lyrics. Sit back, relax and enjoy the music.

The performance opens with the band singing a capella which then transforms into a rock song with distorted guitars, drums and some great harmonizing vocals. If you’re already familiar with Marianas Trench you won’t be disappointed. They’re the same great band, but have experimented with a few new ideas. First, as I mentioned they tried out a capella on “Masterpiece Theater I & II”. On “Good To You” a duet is sung with Kate Voegele and the last experimentation, my personal favorite, was on “Beside You” which has an African feel to it; complete with backing vocals and shakers.

Masterpiece Theatre is an album for all old fans of Marianas Trench and just general fans of emotional sounding rock. The quartet are ready to dominate Canada’s musical world with this CD. Fans of Faber Drive, Armchair Cynic, Nickelback and Thornley will enjoy sitting down and relaxing to Marianas Trench.

Track Listing:

01. Masterpiece Theatre I
02. All To Myself
03. Cross My Heart
04. Beside You
05. Acadia
06. Masterpiece Theatre II
07. Sing Sing
08. Good To You
09. Celebrity Status
10. Perfect
11. Love Dearest
12. Masterpiece Theatre III

Run Time: 45:41
Release Date: 02.24.2009

Check out the song: “Sing Sing”