We recently had the pleasure of speaking with Timmy Naugher, bassist for the hardcore band Gideon. Costs is the Alabama based band’s debut release and let me tell you, it packs a mighty punch. I’ve been listening to it for a while now and still cannot seem to get enough of it. Here’s what Timmy had to say about the band and their new disc, Costs.

Hey Timmy how are you doing?
Timmy: I am doing great thanks.

Where are you guys at today?
Timmy: We are on our way to Lawrenceville, GA.

When is the show tomorrow?
Timmy: It is tonight. We have been at home for a while. For the last two weekends we have done CD releases and this is just a show that we had booked a while ago.

So this is just a one off then?
Timmy: Yeah, it is about three hours away from our hometown so we are just driving there, we are going to play and then drive right back home.

Now that your new CD, Cost, is complete how do you feel about it and are you satisfied with the outcome?
Timmy: Yeah, we are very excited about it. This is the first full-length that we have ever done and it is awesome. We had always talked about the bands on Facedown Records and there were many that we looked up to so to be able to do this on Facedown Records is awesome. It is like a dream come true to be able to work with the people at Facedown Records. We are really stoked about the CD and we are really excited for people to hear it. We have been getting good response so far so that is a really good feeling as well.

What was the writing process like for the disc?
Timmy: It is more or less our drummer and our guitarist. They pretty much write together and they write everything. Our guitarist will come up with an idea and then the drummer will build upon it until they have a song structure together. Most of the lyrics on the CD are also written by them as well.

Are there any tracks that are personal favorites on Costs?
Timmy: Oh man, everybody has a different favorite song. But personally I am a fan of “Unworthy,” it is the second track on the disc. I just like how it kind of builds up and gets heavy but it has this really melodic chorus.

What is the significance to the title, Costs?
Timmy: In life doing what is right is going to cost you something and doing what is wrong is going to cost you something. There is a price to pay for every decision you make.

I know you are heading to this show tonight but what do you guys have going on after that?
Timmy: We are about to go out on tour in about 2 weeks. We are going to be doing a full tour called “The Young And The Reckless” tour and we will be announcing dates soon.

What artists would fans be surprised to find on your iPod?
Timmy: I listen to the Manchester Orchestra a lot.

What 3 words best describe Gideon?
Timmy: Aggression, heavy, melodic.

If you were a superhero, who would it be and why?
Timmy: I would say probably Superman. I know it is pretty generic but I think he is freakin’ awesome.

Any closing words Timmy?
Timmy: Thanks for taking the time. Check out the record and come to a show and hang out.