The newly spawned band Hail The Villain has been hitting the world hard with their album Population: Decline. To help spread their hatred unto the world, the band has released gnarly comics illustrating their devious story.

Volume 1: Take Back The Fear is about a blue-collar worker named Drake Carter who has fallen victim to his filthy habits as he meets the seductive Thea Landa. Instead of holding back and staying with his wife and kids, he meets up with Thea for a “good time”. Thea ends their night together by stealing Drake’s car and life. Metal City has an abundance of devious crimes, murders, suicides and other distorted acts lurking about.

This very dark story, put together by Hail The Villain, is an exaggeration of the band’s home town Oshawa, Ontario – alias Metal City. They really dug deep within themselves to find the darkest experiences to create the character Drake Carter, and others. It’s the first of many comics to come from the band and to get a quick version of the first installment, you can watch the music video “Take Back The Fear” below.

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Written by: Hail The Villain
Format/Length: Paperback, 22 pages.
Publisher: Villain Universe (August 31, 2010)

Check out the video: “Take Back The Fear”