The latest video from Bulgarian death n’ roll band Eufobia for their single “Cruel Child” is available online. This single was chosen by the cult German Metal magazine Legacy for the compilation of their 70th issue released in 32,000 copies, and by the Serbian Nocturne Magazine for their upcoming compilation as well. The band is back with their second official release for 2011, called ‘Cup of Mud’. The album is a successor of their first official one, called ‘Insemination’ released in January 2010 by the Romanian label Axa Valaha Productions.

For this release the band inked a deal with the biggest Bulgarian label for rock and metal music Wizard Ltd., a company known for its partnership with almost every single major metal label or distributor in the world. The artwork was done once again by one of the most famous Easter European graphic designers C. Chioreanu from Twilight 13 Media. The artwork itself, the track list, the upcoming tour dates over Europe and a brand new video for the “Frog” track are soon to be revealed.

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