The Taking is the newest release from Duff McKagan’s Loaded. As one might expect this is a disc packed full of 12 hard rock, radio friendly tunes. The very first track “Lords Of Abbadon” immediately grabs your attention and does not let go. This song is super riff-driven and powerful as hell, especially when cranked up. I had to hear more.

The rest of the disc delivers in a big way as well with lots of gritty solid rock n’ roll. I feel the band is at its absolute best on the harder edgier tunes such as the opener “Lords Of Abbadon,” and “Dead Skin,” both of which are hard, heavy and show off McKagan’s punk-tinged vocals.

By far though, the song that was hands down the best for me is “The Executioner’s Song.” It starts off as a slow burner, but once it gets going it is really good and the guitar shredding is top notch; this song just rocks, beginning to end. From a production standpoint this disc sounds freaking great as well. While it does have an edgy quality about it, the overall vibe is big and polished.

Bottom line, this is a solid hard rock record from one of the most recognizable names in the business. You really can’t go wrong here; this is a real good high-energy rock record that is well worth picking up when it is released April 19th.

Track Listing:

01. Lords Of Abbadon
02. Executioners Song
03. Dead Skin
04. We Win
05. Easier Lying
06. She’s An Anchor
07. Indian Summer
08. Wrecking Ball
09. King Of The World
10. Cocaine
11. Your Name
12. Follow Me To Hell

Run Time: 44:08
Release Date: 04.19.2011