What band has a name that splits up the word Dracula? That would be Long Island, NY’s Dr. Acula. Such a name makes me think of teen cartoons like Undergrads, The Oblongs or Clone High. Incidentally, the band’s new album Slander boasts a cartoon-ish album cover that further emphasizes said thoughts. Could Dr. Acula’s music be made for teen cartoon fans?

Slander begins with the song “Clinger (Stage 5)” in which you hear a girl leaving angry messages on an answering machine. Following this emotional rage are twelve deathcore songs that will make your head spin. Full of heavy breakdowns and vocal grunts, Dr. Acula rips through each subsequent track. A highlight Slander also within its songs are various audio quotes from movies. Do you recognize this one? (40 Year Old Virgin).

Andy Stitzer: Is it true that if you don’t *use* it, you *lose* it?
Health Councellor: Is that a serious question?
Andy Stitzer: No, it wasn’t.

Dr. Acula seem like some regular guys who love movies and deathcore. And it comes across in their fun-filled metal. Fans of Arise And Ruin, Emmure, Carnifex and The Warriors should check out Slander for the music… and quotes.

Track Listing:

01. Clinger (Stage 5)
02. Fire Crotch (The Venereal Van Ride)
03. Welcome To Camp Nightmare
04. Currently Sexting…
05. Cocaine Avalanche
06. Song Before The Song
07. Pure And Immature (Goon)
08. Who You Gonna Call?
09. All Work, No Play
10. Slander
11. Slampig (…And Then The Bitch)
12. Party 2.0
13. The Big Sleep

Run Time: 38:00
Release Date: 02.15.2011

Check out the song: “Who You Gonna Call?”