Black ‘N Blue achieved a large amount of success in the mid ‘80’s with the tune, “Hold On To 18” – they sold more than a million records and received a ton of airplay. Fast forward more than 20 years later to, Hell Yeah!, the band’s first release after an extended hiatus and a few lineup changes. This CD does not stray far from the bands roots and as one would expect it is packed with pop/rock tunes that are decent at best and just never really seem to go anywhere. To me it seems that this is a bit of a rehashing of their older material.

I admit I was a fan of the hair metal genre, but I think that the metal scene has evolved and I am not sure how relevant this genre is anymore. Hell Yeah! is not terrible, but it’s definitely not groundbreaking. If you’re a fan of Black ‘N Blue or feeling a bit nostalgic and want to make a trip down memory lane, then by all means grab the spandex, the Aqua Net Hairspray and pop this one in for old time sake.

Track Listing:

01. Monkey
02. Target
03. Hail Hail
04. Fools Bleed
05. C’mon
06. Jaime’s Got The Beer
07. Angry Drunk Son Of A Bitch
08. So Long
09. Trippin’ 45
10. Falling Down
11. Candy
12. Hell Yeah!
13. World Goes Round
14. A Tribute To Hawking

Run Time: 47:53
Release Date: 05.17.2011