Geeving: the act of not caring what someone thinks. That is what Abandon All Ships must base their band upon. In their wildest, drunken club rage they must have decided to take hardcore and electronic music and combine it into a “new” sound. With this, the album Geeving was born. Every song consists of breakdowns, chugging guitar parts and choruses that take a 180 with electronics and auto tune vocals. It’s pretty much heavy, cheesy dance music that tries to make kids go wild.

For fans of: These Silhouettes, Kingdoms, Lights and The Holly Springs Disaster.

Track Listing:

01. Bro My God
02. Geeving (feat. Jhevon Paris)
03. Megawacko2.1
04. When Dreams Become Nightmares
05. Strange Love
06. Family Goretrait (feat. Rody Walker)
07. Guardian Angel (feat. Lena Katina)
08. Structures
09. Heaven
10. Take One Last Breath

Run Time: 33:11
Release Date: 10.05.2010

Check out the song: “Bro My God”