A group of guys circle a fight. In the brawl a woman knocks out a man. This is a description of The Creepshow’s They All Fall Down album cover. If you look closely you’ll notice band itself is in the crowd and Sarah “Sin” Blackwood is winning the brawl. Don’t mess with that beauty!

Like every Creepshow album, this one begins with a sermon – ‘Sermon III’ in this instance. Following are 10 supreme tracks, each song with catchy/fast-paced melodies and even more grappling vocal lines. You’d think by the music, the band are singing about upbeat, happy themes, but the vocals focus on their lives of revenge, touring and other content. Guess they decided to get away from the theme of horror films.

One song that really jumped out at me was “Road To Nowhere” – it has great gang vocals plus Sarah Blackwood adds to the mix with her bad-ass, but catchy voice. Even the instrumentals are well done; with each instrument having their specific leads while the rest of the band provides backup. It’s a bonafide sing-along song.

They All Fall Down is a real knockout and past Creepshow fans should get into this album the second they press play. This release is s a demonstration of the band’s staying power and progression from prior works. Fans of The Artist Life, Sarah Blackwood, Hellcat And The Prowl and Jersey will really enjoy this psychobilly band.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. The Sermon III
02. Get What’s Coming
03. Someday
04. They All Fall Down
05. Last Chance
06. Sleep Tight
07. Dusk ‘Til Dawn
08. Keep Dreaming
09. Hellbound
10. Going Down
11. Road To Nowhere

Run Time: 37:00
Release Date: 10.15.2010

Check out the song: “They All Fall Down”