With a pinch of punk and a splash of folk, Restorations debut their style with the promising EP Strange Behavior. From gruff vocals to buoyant melodies, this Philadelphia quintet creates a space encompassing all the bitterness of a punker and the sonic colourings of rustic America.

This is a tester really, or that’s at least how it ends up coming across. Not that Restorations aren’t pouring – literally showering – their blood and sweat into these four tracks; because it’s evident that they are. But this release isn’t going to shake many people up. Give it a year or two though, after a debut full-length and more, and this release might become a candid indication of the band’s unfiltered origins.

The music is raw, original and intriguing; all the components of a successful band. The guitars hold down the rough, rock end of things before swinging into an almost whimsical folk experimental, and the vocals bark until they swoon; defeated, exhausted, but still charming. Alone, this record hints at great things but isn’t full enough to truly deliver. So keep your eyes peeled, and make sure to grab the soon to be released full-length.

Track Listing:

01. Title Track
02. Linear Notes
03. The Reappearing American Hobo
04. Documents

Run Time: 19:34
Release Date: May 5, 2010