Today, ‘This Is Gonna Hurt: The Documentaries’ from Nikki Sixx and Sixx:A.M. debuts on Hulu and the Hulu Plus subscription service. To introduce us to the eye-popping series, Nikki Sixx shared his thoughts about the inner workings of the project with Hulu for an exclusive guest blog entry HERE.

The documentaries introduce the upcoming ‘This Is Gonna Hurt’: Music, Photography And Life Through The Distorted Lens Of Nikki Sixx, a follow up to Sixx’s New York Times bestseller,’The Heroin Diaries’ and the CD of the same name by Sixx:A.M.. ‘This Is Gonna Hurt’, the book will be released April 12, with the album of the same name out May 3 via Eleven Seven Music.

The documentaries premiering spotlight Sixx’s genesis and inspiration of creating the photos, book and album and how they are all connected. Showcasing Sixx:A.M.’s music and book imagery, Sixx and his Sixx:A.M. bandmates James Michael and Dj Ashba introduce featured subjects from the photographs and inspiration for the project.

Says Sixx, “Delivering quality content outside of music videos provides a new, dynamic and unique way for me to further connect with my fans as well as other entertainment fans outside of my regular base. In some ways, the music video of the past has been re-imagined as a much more transparent and authentic premium content experience of the future. Platforms like Hulu enable these connections with fans.”

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