This week on March 15th, Kvelertak brought their Norwegian blackened punk metal, with all its head banging and hair swinging goodness, overseas with the North American release of their self-titled album. Kvelertak have been nationally acclaimed, winning the Norwegian equivalent to the Grammys, while “Mjød”, one of their singles, is pumped over BBC’s airwaves and getting much deserved love and recognition throughout Europe.

“Mjød” is a song which offers a taste of Kvelertak’s true awesomeness. It’s rich in guitar riffs (one of the band’s specialties) which are completely smooth and set the mood for the rest of the song. “Mjød” has all, and more, of the requirements for mind-blowing heavy music, including their lyrics, which are in the band’s native tongue… and screamed.

Overall “Mjød” is the perfect blend of punk and heavy metal and is the best thing to come out of Scandinavia since brown cheese and Ikea. This song is well worth a listen for anyone who has appreciation for heavy music.  [ END ]

Run Time: 2:31
Release Date: 05.15.2011

Check out the song: “Mjød”